UDP Gateway DM780 to DXKeeper

UDP Gateway DM780 to DXKeeper 1.0

It allows the gateway to establish DDE communication to DX Keeper

DxKeeper must be up and running before gateway is started - in order to allow the gateway to establish DDE communication to DX Keeper. The Gateway software starts minimized.
DM780 must be configured in the following way:
- Go to logbook options
- Select the sheet QSO Forwarding
- Activate the UDP checkbox
- Fill in the address (assuming the gateway software being installed on the same PC as DM780)
- Fill in the port 2235 which is the default UDP port the gateway software initialises on

The current version of the program transfers/forwards a COMPLETE ADIF record to DXKeeper, including Contest and contest serials. In DM780 log entry the State/prov is forwarded to the ADIF Primary Administrative Subdivision (=State field in DXK database) and the County is forwarded to the ADIF Secondary Administrative Subdivision (= CNTY datafield in DXKeeper database).

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